if there was no belief in miracles that

belief would be unable to hurt anybody

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Is it correct that you need remarkable evidence for extraordinary claims?

Conclusive Arguments against the Authenticity of Miracles

Always take a seeming miracle that seems true to be the result of a freak and rare act of nature

A Study of Miracles from A Level Philosophy of Religion

Bogus Authentication of Miracles undertaken by the Roman Catholics

The Bigger the Miracle then the Bigger the Evidence You need to Defend the Reality of the Miracle

It is Not True that Faith in Miracles is Good for it Gives People Hope

Miracles - People do not Believe in them but in their Interpretation of Them

Miracles Draw People to Anti-Secularism

Jesus' Best Miracle and How it Makes Us Question His Resurrection

People do not believe in miracles but in other people who say they happen!

Miracles - The Case Against Them Considering OCR Philosophy of Religion for AS and A2

Miracles - how the Catholic Church exercises a double-standard

God of the Gaps

Good Fruits - is a miracle from God if the results are good?

Exceptional Evidence is Needed for the Christian Miracles - how the Christians Fail to Provide it

Lorna Byrne - away with the angels

Fatima Apparitions of Mary - the lies and the Fraud

Famous Fatima Sun Miracle Refuted

Fraudulent Lucia of Fatima - a dubious visionary of Heaven

Book - Bernadette of Lourdes

Lourdes and Its Not-So-Believable Healing Miracles

Proof that Lourdes was not investigated honestly

Vittorio Micheli - was his bone miraculously regenerated because of Lourdes?

Knock Apparition is an Unimpressive Miracle

Knock: Patrick Walsh gives the evidence that the vision was not amazing

Knock Apparition - Statues Put at Gable by Hoaxer?

Knock Witnesses - Their Depositions under the Spotlight

Mary's Apparitions At Medjugorje are Unconvincing

Medjugorje  in the Light of Science

Amputees never miraculously regrow limbs

Healers are not truly your friends!

Miraculous Bleach - drink it to flush out cancer!

Placebo Effect

Stigmata, the Fake Wounds of Jesus, Why Stigmata is not From God

Padre Pio - The Case for His Being Deluded and a Fraud

Padre Pio - The Stigmata Investigated in Depth

The True Age of the Turin Shroud

Turin Shroud cannot hold the image of Jesus

Turin Shroud is a Hoax

Turin Shroud - the Errors that Prove its not a Miracle from God

Bodies of the Undecayed Saints - Catholicism's Dishonesty

Mother Teresa of Calcutta - She Pretended to be a True Humanitarian and Holy Woman

Did the Devil do the Jesus Miracles?

Exorcism - the Most Outrageous Miracle Claim of them All

Exorcists - The Rite by Baglio

Exorcism Should be Illegal

Absolution of Sins by Catholic Priests - an Outlandish Miracle

Criticism of Religion or of Religious Doctrines

Januarius Blood - it miraculously liquefies after centuries

Lanciano Eucharist Miracle - did a wafer really turn into Jesus' heart muscle?

Transubstantiation - the Miracle of Bread and Wine Turning Into the Body and Blood of Jesus

Superstition - What is it and why is it so bad?




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